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Welcome to BTN Janitorial Services’ Blog Edition.

For our first post, we wanted to give you a little bit of insight into how we have become a successful company over the years. The sky is the limit for us and it all started with Momma Tran, BTN Janitorial Services’ first owner under BTN Services Inc as a sole proprietor.

Momma Tran came from Vietnam as an immigrant in search of a new beginning and a better life. She was conceived and born during the Vietnam war era where she has never met her biological father or even knows who he is. Momma Tran came from nothing and began her adventures in America. Momma Tran started working in different factories, gained her citizenship, and paid her dues through the years. She was eventually led to the field of janitorial services in 1996 and began to hone her skills while giving birth to her firstborn son that same year. In 1997, she gave birth to her second son and continued to work for several cleaning companies from 1996-2006. Momma Tran never really liked to work for people and was always looking for her chance to lead a team of her own and start her own business. In 2007, BTN Services was created. Immediately, with the experience that Momma Tran had over the years, she was approved to subcontract for big-name companies such as Service Group Inc., Momma Tran had the opportunity to serve several government buildings such as Amtrak’s 30th St. Station in Philadelphia. By 2009, only two years after starting her own commercial cleaning service, Momma Tran was running a company that generated six figures in revenue. As her journey continued, she taught both her sons how the business operated, how to use certain equipment, and the ins and out of a cleaning company. Before her first son started high school in 2010, he was able to work for his mother part-time doing payroll and manage business operations.

In 2011, Momma Tran’s contract was exhausted and she was outbid by another company. After many years of hard work, Momma Tran decided that this isn’t a field that she wanted to continue in. Momma Tran was aging and the physical labor of managing a business, staying up late, and not being able to spend time with her kids was beginning to affect her mentally. From 2012-2018, Momma Tran disbanded the business and continued to pursue a different career field.

Momma Tran’s Children, Tommy and Tony, knew how much BTN Janitorial Services meant to her and the family. This was a tradition that they didn’t want to lose. In 2018, After Tommy graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree, he and Tony decided to reopen the business, this time, under BTN Janitorial Services LLC, as a partnership. While working full time, both Tommy and Tony knew this would be challenging, but they continued anyway. Within three years, BTN Janitorial Services is generating steadying income while subcontracting for companies such as National Janitorial Solutions, Kellermeyer Building Services, Solutions Management Inc, and more. Commercial cleaning isn’t the only focus of BTN Janitorial Services. We are currently working with several property management companies in the area to complete residential cleaning. BTN Janitorial Services specialized in all types of services that include carpet cleaning, pressure washing, and floor care.

While the business is owned and funded by Tony, the operations of the company are assigned to Tommy. Two brothers working together to continue their mother’s dream.

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