Your reliable and trusted fitness cleaners in Philadelphia

Cleanliness is immensely crucial for fitness centers and gyms. That’s where BTN Janitorial comes in. We have been providing fitness cleaning services in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware, Bucks, Montgomery and Chester Counties for many years.

Our team of professional fitness cleaners is highly skilled and experienced to handle any size of gym or fitness center that comes their way. We carry the right equipment and resources to thoroughly clean and sanitize your gym floors, weights, equipment, showers and lockers in no time.

Proudly cleaning fitness centers in Philadelphia for years

Our experience of working in the fitness industry means we understand the unique needs of these fitness facilities and can deliver premier cleaning solutions that will enhance your visitor's experience and satisfaction.

At BTN Janitorial Services, we know how important the hygiene and cleanliness of any health club, workout area, changing rooms and shower area means to their members and staff.

Gym equipment such as the weights and machines are a high touch zone that can accumulate many germs and bacteria due to a large number of people using the same machines constantly.

The workout area can hold odors, undesirable smells and harmful bacteria which can lead to the transmission of infectious diseases if the areas are not treated or sanitized properly.

Bad odors can make the customer experience very uncomfortable, but they can easily be removed by using the proper cleaning procedures. Additionally, extra cleaning care is required for swimming pools, sinks, lavatories, steam rooms and saunas, as these areas are all crowded with germs on walls and floors.

BTN Janitorial Services specializes in these sanitization challenges and our talented workers can masterfully handle all of these public areas with perfection and ease.

Our fitness center cleaning services

BTN Janitorial Services offers customized cleaning plans designed according to the unique needs of every gym or fitness facility. Our gym cleaning services include:

Full Cleaning

From staff offices to front-of-the-house and exercise room cleaning we will clean all your areas quickly and efficiently.

Gym Equipment Cleaning

Frequent sanitization and thorough cleaning of the gym’s facilities and free weights helps avoid the spread of bacteria and viruses that are accumulated from sweat and repeated use. BTN Janitorial Services uses safe cleaning products to protect your equipment and guests.

Window Cleaning

Our gym cleaning team offers full interior and exterior glass, mirrors and window cleaning services.

Washroom Cleaning

BTN Janitorial Services keeps your washrooms and showers looking pristine. Our professional team will thoroughly clean your lockers, sinks and changing areas making them perfect for your visitors.

Sanitization and Disinfecting Equipment and all areas

During these tough pandemic times, it is highly important to regularly sanitize all public areas and equipment to avoid the spread of the virus. We can properly clean and disinfect all areas to ensure your areas are safe to use for all.

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Regular warehouse cleaning leads to better operational performance

A clean and healthy workspace motivates workers to perform better at their job and helps boosts productivity.
Contact us to find out more about what BTN Janitorial Services can do to help keep your warehouse clean & healthy.