A clean restaurant environment is as important as clean food

BTN Janitorial Services can work around your schedule to clean your restaurant so your restaurant, diner or cafe can remain open during typical business hours. Our Janitorial Cleaning team will mop and deep clean all the areas of your restaurant before finalizing your project.

Our supreme cleaning services cover all areas from the kitchen to the dining area. We sanitize your bathrooms, vacuum and maintain your carpets, and attend to your interior and exterior windows

The best restaurant cleaning services in Philadelphia

Are you looking for professional restaurant cleaners in Philadelphia to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of your restaurant? BTN Janitorial Services is the cleaning company to call for quality restaurant cleaning throughout Philadelphia.

Cleaning the kitchen of any restaurant is the toughest part when it comes to restaurant cleaning. It can’t be achieved with your regular cleaning tools. We carry the latest cleaning tools and know the top cleaning methods to get the job done right. Our vast experience in the restaurant cleaning business ensures a perfect job every time you hire BTN Janitorial Services.

A restaurant is a busy place. The constant stream of customers can distract the staff from other important matters, such as the overall cleanliness of the area. This may cause accidents, like slippage or contaminate the quality of the food.

Our restaurant cleaning services include:

  • Floor cleaning and maintenance
  • Kitchen equipment cleaning and degreasing
  • Hygiene cleaning and sanitization
  • Cleaning of lights
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Staff areas cleaning
  • Public areas cleaning
  • Carpets and upholstery cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Cleaning public and staff washrooms
  • Cleaning office equipment and backroom areas
  • Cleaning stainless steel and other special surfaces
  • Floor cleaning, drying and polishing

BTN Janitorial Services is the cleaning company to call when you need to get your restaurant cleaned. We will keep your restaurant in an immaculate condition, which results in happier customers and more profit for you.

Restaurant cleaning services are a necessity because customers expect more than just clean food and plates. When they come into your restaurant or cafe they want to see clean shiny floors, furniture and a hygienic environment to eat in.

Bar and restaurant cleaning experts

Maintaining high standards of hygiene, both in front of the house and in the kitchen is a big investment for any restaurant. That’s why we continually invest in the newest equipment and staff training to maintain a leading-edge within the highly competitive restaurant cleaning market. BTN Janitorial Services offers a full range of bar and restaurant cleaning services with high standards of professionalism and customer support that are unmatched in the market.

Exclusive and affordable restaurant cleaning

BTN Janitorial Services can offer daily, weekly and quarterly cleaning solutions for your restaurant, bar or café in Philadelphia. We can also provide a range of specialist cleaning services including kitchen deep cleaning, upholstery and carpet cleaning. We will ensure that your restaurant is kept clean and tidy and meets all your hygiene standards.